Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sedona Turns 6!

A certain vivacious little girl has officially joined the rank of big kids!

She is still just as active as ever.  Like, I'm honestly starting to think ADHD, active.  She is the queen of bouncing back, nothing keeps her down for long and she's almost always happy.  Temperment-wise, Tigger is her doppelganger.

 She has a new dimple in her cheek this year from when she fell and hit the edge of the stairs a few months ago.  Her hair has stayed lighter than her sisters' and maintains more of a curl to it.

Her innate talent seems to be math.  She just gets it without much instruction at all and she loves it as well.  She's never had much interest in reading, but suddenly in the last two weeks, she has started reading signs and other things on her own, including ones with sounds she hasn't specifically been taught yet.  It all started when she checked out a butterfly book from the library.  She really wanted to know what the book said and couldn't wait to get home, so she started reading it in the car.  It was like that was her realization that she can read after all, and now she's in that stage where she likes to read things and then check that she's right.

She's still a cuddler.  She's happy to play by herself, but she's always coming back to say, "can I have a snuggle?"  She loves a good group hug too.

She loves all things animal, but especially reptiles and bugs.  Her favorite games are dress-up, playing "college girls" (pretending to be grown-up), and just generally running around with a rubber lizard, frog or snake in her hand. Turn her lose outside and she will find a mud pit to roll in.  Okay, not really, but she's guaranteed to come back with enough dirt on her to necessitate a change of clothes.  She has a little giggle she does whenever something makes her happy (really, it's very similar to the Tigger, "hoo hoo hoo hoo!" thing) that makes us laugh no matter what's going on. 

I repeatedly asked her for a birthday wish list and all I got out of her was a new dream light (she broke the one she got for Christmas...that was a tough lesson to learn) and a "for real microscope". 
Newborn Sedona with big sister
1 year old and experiencing an Oreo for the first time (she liked it)
Two: Touring an ice cream factory
Three: shucking corn
Four: Walking the streets of small town Montana
Five: Taking care of chickens for a Girl Scout project

Last night being five

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