Friday, July 5, 2013

2013 Goals Check-In

Half the year is gone and that means it's time to update on my 2013 goals:

1) Have the full year of lesson plans put together by the end of August. I'm getting there!  I've created a reading list for Sierra, made good progress on her history lesson plans and put in the first round of book orders.  Homeschool freebies will be showing up on the blog soon. 

2) Pay at least an extra $2500 to student loans on top of regular payments.  This one is highly unlikely to happen at this point.  We've paid about $500 extra, and I'm sure we'll do a little more, but I highly doubt we'll reach the goal.  Still waiting on some of the actual bills, but based on the insurance statements, Secora's hospital bills plus her ongoing therapy will be eating up the money that would have gone to this (along with almost all of our vacation budget...we're only setting aside $50/month for that now, thinking of doing an ultimate staycation: staying home, but taking off work and going to movies and bowling or something, just enough to feel like we got a break).

3) Blog more consistently.  Nope, still not doing great on this one.  Traffic is up anyway thanks to pinterest and I keep thinking I'm going to write more, but it doesn't always happen and I want to continue enjoying it rather than forcing the issue.

4) Market my lactation practice more effectively.  I set a modest goal of obtaining at least one new client each month. I've already more than met the goal for the year and am expanding my classes to offer a parent class geared towards breastfeeding babies over 6 months.   I've been fortunate to help lots of little babies lately.  I saw a full term, 7.5 pound little boy today and caught myself thinking, "woah, he's huge!" (he wasn't, that's perfectly average size).

5) Finish the quilt.  Triathlon training has consumed my thoughts and time recently, but I am still planning to finish the quilt.  It's just a matter of actually doing it.  It has taken A LOT of hours and will take A LOT more.  Hand quilting a king size quilt is still pretty high on the list of "Kimberly's least brilliant ideas". 

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