Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Camp

The big girls spent last week at a girl scout day camp.  Sierra went last year and had a blast, this was the first year Sedona was old enough.

Here they are ready to leave the first morning (it's rather hard to get them to look at you when there is a wall of mirrors for them to check their pose in):
Sedona's unit leader took a lot of pictures throughout the week and shared them with the parents, so all of the camp pictures are from her.  I also don't have a lot of Sierra since no one sent me pictures of her unit.

Sedona and her aide working on stilts:
The theme this year was heroes, so every day included talks by local heroes.  Monday was crime scene investigation: 
Tuesday, they visited with the SWAT team:
Wednesday was firemen:

Thursday was EMS workers: 
Of course, in between there were lots of games, very loud singing, crafts, hiking and learning camp skills.  One of Sedona's favorite parts was all the bugs:
On the first day, she even got stuck in the latrine because the door was too hard for her to open.  She said she didn't mind because there were lots of bugs in there to look at.  (she did call for help and someone let her out)

Both girls were able to learn about how to do the flag ceremony properly.  Here is Sedona (the shorty holding the American flag) participating one day at the end of camp:
Friday was the much anticipated water day and swaps day.  My big girls were able to meet up with each other for a little bit:
Of course, between all of the fun planned activities, there were plenty of good ol' shenanigans too.  Sedona borrowed her aide's graduation cap (she was a senior that just turned 18, so this was her last year as a camper/aide):
And even girl scout camp isn't safe from the mustache craze:
On the last day, they do swaps.  Swaps are small trinkets on safety pins.  The girls make a bunch of their own and then trade with other girls.  Last year, Sierra only had a few.  This year, she was determined to not run out.  She made A LOT of swaps, which, of course, got Sedona interested too.

On their last day of camp they came home with all the swaps they got from the other girls:
Sierra had so many on her lanyard, she gave up and started putting them on her shirt also, so I made her take another picture:
They had a blast.  Sedona wishes she could sleep out there (the older girls camp overnight at the end of the week), and both of them are considering one of the shorter sleep away camps for next year.  They've been singing the girl scout songs so much that Secora is starting to sing along. 

Now they've moved on to summer enrichment classes at a local elementary school.  Each day they take classes in crafts, gym, and baking.  This was a flip flop from camp...Sedona went to summer school last year and Sierra didn't, so she was excited to take the lead and show Sierra the ropes the first day.  Next up is theater camp for Sierra and some extra park and pool play days for Sedona and Secora!

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