Thursday, May 30, 2013

Track Tuesdays

The big girls had the opportunity to participate in a local running event for kids.  They were able to go to a local track once a week, where they got a few tips and then ran a mile.  On the last day, there was a "mini marathon", where they ran 2.62 miles through the neighborhood. 

Sedona absolutely LOVED the 100m of every lap when she ran past the stands.  The parents cheered for all the kids, and she absolutely soaked. it. up.
"Me?  Are you cheering for me?"
"That's right, I AM awesome!"
"Running rocks!"
"Keep cheering, I can take it"
"Let me hear my fans!" 

Sierra took it a little more serious.  True to her personality, she's focused on getting better and faster, which she accomplished.  Her miles got faster, her mini-marathon was a faster pace than our 5K a couple weeks ago, and she learned to pace herself better.  

At the end, they got t-shirts, water bottles, and finisher ribbons.  They loved it and will probably start running with Josh and I more often. 

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