Wednesday, May 22, 2013

LOTS of Glow Sticks

Sierra and I did a nighttime trail run 5K together last Saturday.  The idea was to actually train for it and have a lot of one-on-one time taking some evening jogs together.  Then she got sick for a long time, Secora went into the hospital, and Sierra and I both got sick right when she got out.  So not much training was done.  We went and had a fun night together anyway though!

The race was held in a pecan orchard starting at 9pm.  There were so many glow sticks.  According to the organizers, they used over 1,000 glow sticks.  There was one tied to every tree on both sides of the course all the way through.  And everyone got glow necklaces in their packets, which most people wore in some form or fashion.  We weren't the fastest out there, but we sure had fun.  Sierra even ended up getting 5th place for under 19 women!  I think she also learned an important lesson on pacing.  She was very mad at me for holding her back and making her take walking breaks during the first mile.  By the time the second mile was over, she was running out of steam and said she was going to do what I said for the rest of the run.  She finished strong, sprinting across the finish line with a big smile on her face and asking to do more races!

Pictures are all with my waterproof digital camera (no flash) or phone camera, so the quality's not great, but the memories are!

Before we left the house.  She's holding her breath because she had hiccups.  She never had any signs of a migraine starting (her response to excitement/anxiety lately), but kept getting the hiccups over and over all evening instead!  She said that was way better than a tummy ache!
Arrived at the pecan orchard, one last picture before heading over to the start line.
Closer to the start, we ran into a friend who took a picture of us together
A brief look of what it's like to run through the dark with a lot of glow necklaces and headlamps around
At the end, the runners got pancakes. I saved mine because I wasn't so sure it would stay down if I ate it right away, but Sierra scarfed hers down
Back at the car, we blinded ourselves with the flash on my camera phone
I loved the nighttime race aspect.  I am not a morning person and that doesn't change just because it's race day.  I loved starting so late in the day.  Some friends said they didn't like double guessing their food choices all day long, but I had a bacon burger with onion rings for lunch and pulled pork for dinner and felt way more fueled than I do in the morning.  I never handle large amounts of food well early in the day, so I usually end up under-eating.  I'd definitely like to try a nighttime half or full marathon sometime. 

Sierra is more of a morning person and while she liked the 5K itself, she wants to give morning running a try.  She definitely had a hard time with recovery the next day just because she went to bed so late and thinks 7:30 is sleeping in. 

We had a great time, I'm looking forward to running more races organized by this group of people!

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