Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hello Tooth Fairy

Sierra lost her first tooth the day after her 6th birthday (that's over two and a half years ago, if you're keeping count).  Ever since then, Sedona has been trying to get her teeth to wiggle.  She was convinced for quite a while that if she pulled her baby teeth out, grown up teeth would come in right away.

A while back, she noticed she had her first wiggly tooth and she was SOOO excited that it was finally her turn to start losing teeth.  She wiggled and wiggled, and had us wiggle, and then yesterday she asked me to pull it.  This is quite different from her sister, who puts up a fuss about me pulling a tooth even if it's barely hanging on and spinning in circles.  I checked the tooth and it wasn't quite ready to pull.  She got serious about wiggling and came back to me a couple of hours later, "can you pull it out NOW?"

She had gotten the front completely free, so I agreed to pull it. 
She was just a little bit excited.  Then Sedona, being Sedona, told us she wants the tooth fairy to leave all of her teeth so she can make a tooth necklace to wear.  I'm not so sure about that.  She did get the same "first tooth privileges" of her sister: keep the tooth, plus $5. 

Today she's asking when the next tooth will fall out and how long she has to wait before she gets big teeth.

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