Monday, April 29, 2013

Sedona Graduates

Sedona officially finished kindergarten a few weeks ago.  For our homeschool, that means she successfully completed Level A of RightStart Math, Level 1 of All About Reading, the science lesson plan I put together for her, learned to write all of the numbers and letters, and began playing piano.  There were a lot of other things going on too, but those were the requirements. 

She remembers that Sierra had a kindergarten graduation, so she expected one also and we were happy to oblige and celebrate her accomplishments.

Before the party, we got out a rather large surprise.  We decided to get one of those inflatable water slides for the girls to use this summer.  It wasn't really a graduation gift since it's for the whole family, but it seemed like a good time for the big reveal.  They were very surprised:

The whole family went to see Sierra perform in her latest play that afternoon, then we rushed home for the graduation party:
It was a very informal pizza and cookie cake affair, but as you can see, Sedona was absolutely thrilled to have everyone come see her and take a look at some of the work she's done this year:

Then she shared some fun projects from the year with the other kids.  This one is pans of baking soda with different colors of vinegar:
At that point, Sierra rapidly descended into the suffering of an ear infection.  She tried to hold it together, but she ended up in another room crying from the pain (we found out the next morning the ear that was hurting her was severely infected and the other ear was also infected).  So Sedona continued to enjoy her guests and opened a few gifts, but I stopped taking pictures as I was a little busy trying to divide my time between the two of them. 

Sedona had a blast.  Graduation was definitely the highlight of her kindergarten year.

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