Wednesday, April 3, 2013

About That Hiatus...

When we moved last November, I said we'd be taking a break from gardening.  We still went over to our old house and harvested veggies until we closed on the sell.  Then we took 2 months off.  Then I started itching to plant things. 

At first, I was thinking we just didn't have space to have a big garden here.  It's true that the lot is smaller, but it's still over a quarter of an acre.  The house is bigger and more of that space is in the front yard than the back, so I'd prefer to plan out edible landscaping that looks nice rather than a purely utilitarian garden. 

For now though, we decided to use this overgrown flower bed:
While clearing it out, we discovered some berry vines we didn't know were there.  They look like blackberries, but they're sprawling like the wild dewberries I used to pick as a kid.  Both are members of the same genus, just different species, so I suppose it doesn't matter too much which they are.  They've already bloomed and there are several new canes, so it'll be interesting to see how many berries show up:

The rest of the bed was cleared out, lightly tilled and covered with new soil.  Then we planted tomatoes, peppers and some herbs

We'll work on expanding as time goes on because it turns out we aren't so interested in not gardening after all.


One Acre Homestead said...

I had a feeling you wouldn't make it through the spring without planting! LOL!

Rachel said...

Ha! We are taking the year off from a spring/summer garden, mostly because the pests have been so bad every spring and I hate working in the garden when it is hot. But... I really think I need to put in just a few tomato plants and maybe a bell pepper or two.


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