Monday, April 1, 2013

A Hoppity Good Time

We are finally at a stage where it's possible to prepare quite a few fun activities without lots of little people underfoot all the time.  So, the girls had quite a jam-packed weekend.  A little too much fun, maybe, because the combination of a lock-in at the theater and playing with a friend the next day left Sierra with a full blown abdominal migraine Friday night and residual headache Saturday.  Thankfully, we got her recovered before the weekend festivities and learned a valuable lesson about making sure she gets enough sleep around exciting events.

First up, was opening a box that came from their grandparents in Costa Rica:
Later, we decorated cookies.  Secora got to do her own for the first time:
Sierra confiscated the ribbon from that box and wore it around her head all day:
Yay cookies!
You can never have too much icing or too many sprinkles
Sedona is Sedona.  You can't say she doesn't enjoy life
Then there was some egg dying fun:

At one point, Secora started pushing us away when we tried to help:
Sierra gets more serious about this every year:
Sunday morning, there was much excitement over baskets:

We also had a little Easter Bunny confusion.  We have never done the Easter Bunny at all.  This year, all of a sudden, Sierra starts talking about the Easter Bunny coming (I think this is her effort to maintain belief in Santa).  Sedona told her, "the Easter Bunny is pretend", Sierra insisted it was one of Santa's elves in a bunny costume.  Sedona told her they were going to look it up next time they were at the library.

They eventually let it go and spent the rest of the day hunting eggs and visiting with family:
Secora and our niece:
Sierra running right out of her bunny ears:

The little ones avoided their naps and instead conspired to take over the place:

A grand time was had by all.  Hope you enjoyed your weekend too!

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