Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 Goals Update

Back in 2011, I did a quarterly check in on how I was doing with my goals.  I skipped that last year, which led to all of the goals falling by the wayside.  For 2013, I'm back to evaluating my progress every three months.  So here goes with the first update!

1) Have the full year of lesson plans put together by the end of August. I haven't done much with this yet, I'm still deciding what curriculum we're going to use for some subjects.

2) Pay at least an extra $2500 to student loans on top of regular payments. Also haven't done much here.  Extra car repair expenses keep coming up and Josh (thankfully) finished his post-doc and started his permanent job.  Unfortunately, new job doesn't pay for health insurance for the first 3 months, so we're short on paychecks through June.  We have made some extra payments and I'm still hopeful this will happen, but it will take a conscious effort and some tough choices.

3) Blog more consistently.  Ha! HaHaHaHaHa!!  No, I have not been blogging more consistently AT ALL.  Now that winter is over and the sun is back, I'm expecting my mental state to level out a bit, which might help with writing more.

4) Market my lactation practice more effectively.  I set a modest goal of obtaining at least one new client each month. So far, I have exceeded that goal.  Each mother generally needs follow-up through the first 6-8 weeks, so I've been spending a fair bit of time with new babies lately!

5) Finish the quilt.  I have been working on the quilt on a regular basis and it's over half-way quilted now.  I don't plan to hand quilt a king size quilt again anytime soon.

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