Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reptiles or Bugs?

This is Big George:
Big George is an alligator that resides at the Edisto Island Serpentarium in Edisto, South Carolina.  He's over 11 feet long, but that didn't intimidate Sedona when she was barely 2 years old and the size of a snack for Big George:
She stood right at the fence and yelled, "BOO!" to him.

Not long after that, she was also amazed by this rather large anaconda:
Up close and personal with another alligator?  No problem.
Petting snakes?  Don't mind if I do (we're not holding her to make her do it, we're making sure she doesn't suddenly grab the snake)
Kimodo dragon?  Awesome!  New friend!
When we were headed to my grandparent's ranch, she excitedly asked if she'd get to pet snakes.  No, not so much.  There's a significant number of rather large diamond back rattlers like this one down there:
She was very excited to check out these two (shot and dead) snakes though.

She chose this book at the library not too long ago:
She thought it was awesome, Sierra would barely touch the book to put it in our bag. 

She's always trying to catch small anoles and she's still carrying around the leftover plastic lizards she gave out at her last birthday.  She's repeatedly asked me to show her pictures of different lizards online and wants me to buy her an iguana (no, not happening.  Maybe a bearded dragon when she's older).

She also loves bugs.  She's the one I had to remind not to pick up spiders after I saw a very large black widow because running up with her hands cupped and gleefully saying, "look at the spider I found!" is just the kind of thing she would do.

She's the one that would always pick cucumber beetles off my plants and feed them to the chickens.  She was constantly toting around "callapitters".  I've repeatedly had to tell her to take a cup of captured ladybugs outside and set them free.

She also likes things that are bug-like without strictly being bugs
She's highly interested in all types of animals, but seems to have an especial affinity for reptiles and arthropods.   She went through a phase of being so fascinated with rocks that I thought she'd end up being a geologist, but now I'm wondering if she'll somehow come up with a research project that merges the fields of herpetology and entomology.

So it really wasn't any surprise the other night to find she had left this in our bed:

I can only hope she continues to stick to the toy, plastic version and leaves the real deal outside.

Sugar and spice everything nice cold blooded, right?


Marti Kubena said...

Ugh, this makes me shudder. None of mine have been this interested in the creepy stuff at an early age, but they seem to be less and less scared as they get older. The frogs are awful here in Georgia, and they LOVE playing with them. And they've figured out that I don't care to be anywhere near them. Braden has been in trouble several times for trying to put a frog on me.

Stan said...

Kids just love reptiles and creepy crawly things! I love watching them seeing something new like that; if you are ever down in Florida around the Ft. Lauderdale area, one of the best Pompano Beach Activities are the everglades tours in the airboats where you can see these creatures and many pother in their natural environment – great post!


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