Thursday, March 21, 2013

Good Riddance Winter

So I set that goal of blogging at least three times a week.  As you can see, that is going swimmingly. 

I would say life has been a whole lot of ups and downs lately, but we're trending on the down side, I think.  There's been a lot of "just get through the day", which means there's just not anything to blog about that I'm willing to make public.  It certainly doesn't help that while my children pretty much sailed through the time change this year, it has completely messed me up.  More often than not, I find myself still awake, staring at the ceiling at 3am.  As you can imagine, that makes the next morning absolutely lovely.

There are many small blessings in the day.  Sierra is growing up and helps out when needed without being asked.  She and I also signed up for a 5K, so we've been going jogging together and having some time alone together on a regular basis.  She's just started rehearsals for a production of School House Rocks at her theater, so she now knows the preamble to the constitution and all about conjunctions and interjections.  Sedona is the family clown who's turning into a little intellectual.  She is past the terrible 2, 3, 4's and generally fun to be around.  She finished her Kindergarten math curriculum and gleefully begged to start first grade math.  Yesterday, she noticed her reflection is right side up on one side of a spoon and upside down on the other and figured out on her own that it was because one side is convex and the other is concave (though she said poofed out and sucked in).  Secora still has a lot of sensory issues that can make days difficult, but she's so lovey with all us that she's constantly refilling the patience she just drained out of us.  She asks for kisses and if you don't make the smack sound when you kiss her, she sighs and says "work" and makes you kiss her again.  When you do smack, she smiles really big and says, "work!!!"  We were around a bunch of extended family last weekend she didn't go to anyone, but she didn't hide, which is big.  She willingly let my brother pick her up and carry her around for the first time. 

Spring is here and the sun is out, which is always a good thing.  Despite my intention to stop gardening for the time being, I'm thinking we'll end up putting in a spring garden after all.  We haven't started redoing anything in the new house yet.  There have been a ridiculous amount of car expenses in the last 6 months and we're thinking about a big vacation at the end of the year rather than doing anything major on the house. 

Also?  Kids, a golf cart, and open spaces? Big win.

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