Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Big Changes

Last week came with a lot of mental stress.  Some good stress, some not so good stress. 

Currently, Josh is a post-doc.  That means his job is temporary, and he's expected to move on at some point in the not so distant future.  Early in the week, he was informally offered a permanent job and waiting to hear about another one he had gone through multiple interviews for and we knew he was a top candidate for. 

Wednesday, we were supposed to attend closing to sell our old house and buy our new house.  Thanks to a completely incompetent, yet arrogant, 25 year old realtor (not ours, the buyer's), that closing didn't happen and was pushed to Thursday. 

Thursday morning rolled around and closing still didn't happen and was pushed off further.  We were told by the arrogant realtor that we should be grateful for him.  I was completely willing to call off both deals because this guy was going to be making a hefty commission, a commission that comes out of OUR pocket since we were the sellers. 

Thursday afternoon, Josh got a formal offer letter from the first job, with a pay rate the same as what he's making now.  This was a pretty good offer because it's a permanent job, and it's with the university, so he's already got several years of service under his belt that will be applied when he starts.

Friday morning, we finally closed on both houses.  There was very much an attitude of "no one make any sudden moves or the wife might walk out".  I gritted my teeth through the walk-through of the HUD statement, which details, among other things, the commission being paid out to mister "I'm, by far, the youngest, least experienced person involved in this transaction, but you should all bow at my feet because I'm awesome". 

Josh also let job number two know he had another offer on the table. 

By Friday afternoon, funding was complete and the title company let us know they had our refund check waiting for us (the proceeds from selling were used for the cash we needed for buying, and we had some leftover). 

Job number two had never responded to Josh's message, which matched up with some other things that had happened during interviews and made us uneasy about what it would be like to work for them.  So he accepted job offer number one.  His current boss just wanted him to make his last day coincide with the end of a pay period and his new boss was willing to have him start the same day, so this is his last week of post-doc research.

Once all the stress was done, the results were good.  Josh will be starting a permanent job on Monday and we officially own the new house.  The icing on the cake was yoga class this weekend.  After a great bit of relaxation, we tried some new things and I managed toe stand pose and side crow pose.  I love doing poses that are a challenge!

For all my talk of taking a break from gardening, I'm considering ways to garden at the new house now that winter is coming to an end and we have the right to change things around in the yard.  I could use some sunlight and dirt to wash away the last of the stress!

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