Monday, January 7, 2013

Kitchen Day

I spent a good portion of last Saturday in the kitchen.  I had bought a case (about 36 pounds) of boneless, skinless chicken breasts and needed to get it prepared and in the freezer.  Using my handy, dandy, Fix, Freeze, Feast cookbook, I was able to make up:

3 meals of chicken curry
2 meals of cherry chicken
4 meals of chicken parmesan
2 meals of tex mex chicken fingers
2 meals of pecan crusted chicken fingers
3 meals of chicken broccoli bake
4 meals of tequila lime chicken
4 meals of balsamic dijon chicken (a friend's recipe)
3 meals of Thai curry (our own recipe)

That's 27 meals in the freezer!  I'll still have to come up with sides, but that's not very time consuming.  Having  main courses in the freezer makes it so much easier for us to avoid eating out on those days when there isn't a lot of time to cook.  We usually do school work in the afternoon during Secora's nap time, so being rushed before dinner is a pretty common occurrence. 

I planned this freezer stock-up the day before, so I didn't even take advantage of sales like I usually do, but the total price tag was still only $114.39, or $4.24 per meal.  Once I add sides, I imagine they will average out at about $6 per meal total.  It easily costs us $20 just to pick up fast food these days, so easy-to-prep meals at home is a big budget saver!

After all of that was packed up and put in the freezer, I made king cake so it'd be ready to eat for breakfast on Sunday morning.   My super wonderful husband did most of the kitchen clean up for me when it was all done!! 

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