Wednesday, January 16, 2013

C is for Cookie

So much for my goal of posting three times a week, huh?  Life got in the way, as it is wont to do.

It has been one insane week.  Josh and the big girls left last Wednesday for a trip to North Carolina.  It was more than a little nerve wracking to send them off.  They flew out and their flight happened to be in the middle of some storms, so that didn't help.  I've also never been away from the girls for more than 2 nights, so even though I knew they were in good hands with their daddy, it took a concerted effort to push back the "what ifs" that kept cropping up in my mind. 

They made it up there just fine though and enjoyed visiting with my in laws for several days.  The highlight for the girls was the tour of the Duke Lemur Center my sister in law arranged for them.  Especially Sedona, she is super interested in all kinds of animals.  I keep saying she's going to live out of her car and be a surfer or something, but at this rate, she might end up a world famous zoologist.  Between her love of rocks, reptiles and small mammals, some field of science that involves lots of field work would be right up her alley.  The whole point of the trip was to pick up some things from Josh's parents before they make a big move to another country.  They graciously gifted us their car along with a wide assortment of family keepsakes, tools and some other things I haven't seen yet because they haven't all been unloaded yet.  Saturday morning, they packed up to drive back.  That's right, my rock star hubby made a 20 hour drive alone with 2 kids. 

In the meantime, one of my oldest friends had her first baby earlier in the week.  We have known each other for over 20 years, so when she needed a little help, I immediately started figuring out a way to get to her.  She lives about 3 hours away, so it took a little work, but I rearranged some things and Secora and I jumped in the car Saturday afternoon to make the drive.  We checked in with her that night, checked in to a nearby hotel (Secora's sensory issues would not have tolerated such a new situation without some time away to decompress) and tried to get some sleep.  We spent Sunday and Monday morning with her before heading back around lunchtime. 

The whole family arrived back home about the same time Monday night, where we cooked and ate a quick dinner, then Sierra dashed off to play rehearsal.  She's in a play that opens this weekend, so she has rehearsals every night this week. 

And in between all that, I'm the cookie mom for our girl scout troop.  I've enjoyed doing it, but it is a lot of accounting-type work to keep straight how many boxes of cookies each girl in the troop has, how much money she owes for those cookies, keep enough cookies on hand for girls to be re-supplied, schedule booths and be sure all of the troop's obligations are met on time.  Cookie sales started today and my girls are LOVING it.  I'm pretty shocked over how excited they are, especially Sierra.  They had some early success going from office to office at Josh's work and then they were hooked. 

Whew!  So I would've posted more this week, but there was just a little bit of life going on.  I'm looking forward to some time to just sit still sometime soon.....maybe next week.

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