Monday, January 21, 2013

Bean Bag Toss Music

One of the great things about homeschooling is the opportunity to easily change things up to meet each child's needs.  I felt like the girls could use more practice naming notes on a staff and keyboard, but they had lost interest in the app I downloaded for my phone.  Around here, that's a sure sign to start thinking about kinesthetic learning and get them moving. 

So I created bean bag toss music!

Using painter's tape (I was out of masking tape), I made a staff on the floor.  I made a separate treble and bass clef, but I goofed and put the bass clef sign on the wrong lines, so I'm not showing that one!
I grabbed a couple of bean bags we had laying around and had Sierra toss them
Then she named the "notes" she had. 
Tomorrow, we're going to use a ruler to also practice the stem rules with each toss. 

Sedona just started learning piano a couple of weeks ago, so her work is more focused on learning where each note is on the keyboard. 
For this one, she stands at one end of the keyboard (to the side), tosses the bean bags, then comes around to the front to name the notes.  This makes it a little harder for her to control where the bean bags land.  Sierra practiced with this one quite a bit too.  She had to tell me enharmonic equivalents in addition to the first note she named.

Don't forget to give kids a chance to get up and move!  They love it and it helps them come back and concentrate when it's time for more typical seat work. 

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