Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's Gingerbread Time Again!

Last year, I published a post with step by step instructions on how to throw a gingerbread house party for a group of friends.

This year, I'm hosting another party and I started my prep work last night by mixing up the dough for the first four houses
I also used the opportunity to create a planning spreadsheet for anyone else who wants to do this.  You can download the file as an excel spreadsheet, which will enable the ability to change the entries. 
 When you replace the x's at the top with the total number of houses you want to make, the rest of the form will automatically be filled in with the total amounts of the ingredients you need for the dough and mortar.  For things like flour, I provided the total both in pounds and cups because the weight will likely be more helpful in planning your shopping, but a lot of people still want to see volume. 
For the love of Christmas, PLEASE use the original recipe I posted last year and measure all of your ingredients by weight when you make the dough.  It is too easy to end up with the wrong texture if you try to only use volume, weight is more precise.  The numbers in this form are simply for planning purposes so you can get everything you need in only one trip to the store.

Direct link to the planning spreadsheet

Is anyone else out there doing a gingerbread house party this year?

Update: This is the total candy I used for 22 kids/houses at the 2012 parties:
9 boxes of dots (7oz) (ran out)
2 bags of m&ms (19.2oz)
1 bag peppermints (24oz...this one surprised me, they were quite popular)
120 mini candy canes
2 bags marshmallows (10oz)
2 bags gummy bears (24oz)
2 bags chewy sprees
about 1/2 box corn chex

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