Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Round 1

At the beginning of December, we always go to the local holiday parade and the girls always write letters to Santa.  When Santa's float comes at the very end, his helpers pick up the letters, and Santa always writes back.  The really cool thing is that even though Secora can't write a letter yet, she always gets one from Santa just because her sisters mention her.

Sierra still believes, but was getting really worried because a letter wasn't coming.  She was very excited to get this particular piece of mail.
You may remember last year, Secora was excited to get her own mail, but once she saw it was just a piece of paper with words, she pulled the perfect "not impressed" face long before McKayla Maroney made being unimpressed cool.
This year I thought she was completely excited.  Then I looked through the pictures on the camera and caught this gem. 
I do believe she's been studying all those "McKayla is not impressed" memes and practicing just for this moment.

We also celebrated Christmas with my parents and brother over the weekend.  It seems like an awful lot of presents, but for 11 people, including 5 kids, I think we did a pretty good job of keeping things under control.
Sedona could barely wait for the presents to be handed out
Secora is old enough to open her own presents and didn't quite understand the game plan.  We always hand out first, then everyone opens at once.  She tore open this one corner and we told her to stop, but she kept tearing it just a little more and asking, "open?  open?" 
Then it really was time to open and it was a frenzy of paper flying everywhere. 
They got some gifts they had really been hoping for.  One of Sierra's favorites was the new Tinkerbell movie
Sedona was beyond thrilled to get a Dream Lites pillow pet.  I wasn't going to get her one, but my sister-in-law got one for each of the big girls.  I'm glad she did, Sedona has carried that thing with her everywhere
Secora was very excited about most of her presents.  She got more socks (which I keep telling people she loves, but they don't seem to believe me), which she was thrilled with.  Then she tried to steal my brother's new socks too.  She took them and hid them in another room and when my dad tried to sneak them back, she caught him and yelled at him.   Here she is opening a whole box of crayons just for her.  She LOVES drawing.

Everyone had a grand time and we were able to exchange a few things (clothes for different sizes and one broken toy for the same thing that wasn't broken) before the customer service lines get insanely long.  I kinda like this early Christmas thing.

Tomorrow Josh has to work, but after dinner we'll do our family Christmas with just us.  Then Santa fills stockings overnight.  We'll probably spend the rest of Christmas day moving the last of our stuff from the old house because Josh and I got our present early...we have a buyer for the old house!!

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One Acre Homestead said...

Those pictures of Secora are so very funny!! Way beyond LOL! Priceless! She must have a great personality.


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