Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Fun

We spent Christmas at home with just our family and had a really fun and relaxing time.

During the day on Christmas Eve, the girls each made their treats for Santa.  We always let them pick what they want to make and they get to do a half-recipe of it.  Sierra tends to play it safe with tried and true recipes.  This year, it was pumpkin cookies:

Sedona gets a little more adventurous and sometimes needs some guidance to make her initial idea into something that will actually be edible.  This year, she finally settled on brownies because she thinks Santa probably gets tired of cookies and wants something different.

Brownies were still too plain for her though.  After she saw the leftover pumpkin from Sierra's cookies, she decided they should be pumpkin brownies.  I like to encourage her experiments to a certain degree and pumpkin brownies still sounded pretty good, so I let her give it a try.  We improvised a bit and I'll share the recipe we came up with later this week.

We had our big Christmas dinner with extended family a few days ago, so we stuck with pizza for Christmas Eve. The kids loved it and it was easy for us. After dinner, it was time for presents.
Secora was still excited to unwrap things and was most happy to get her own baby doll and more socks (which she promptly ran out of the room to hide before unwrapping more presents)
Sierra was happy to get the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book (and she's almost finished it already)

Sedona only got the paper off one side of this present before she had to stop and hug it.  It's the one present she had really been asking for...a stroller, carseat and baby carrier for her baby doll

Josh and I both put together numerous model cars when we were little, and Josh wanted to get Sierra started on making them too.  He bought her a snap together model to start with and they started putting it together as soon as the little girls went to bed (she finished it today)

Eventually, treats were put out for Santa and all the children were tucked snug in their beds.  Unfortunately, Sedona had been complaining of a sore throat on Christmas Eve and she woke up in the middle of the night not feeling well.  She's definitely sick and has a high fever today.  The excitement of waiting for Christmas will not be diminished by illness though.  Early in the morning, we were all back downstairs to see what Santa left in our stockings.

Lots of fun things like jamba juice gift cards, a yo-yo, training chopsticks, bows and chewing gum.  But, by far, the most excited child was Sedona.  That's because a big green lizard was hanging out of the top of her stocking.  She had been looking over these rubbery, squishy lizards at the toy store a while back and Santa must have been paying attention.  She was SO excited to see that lizard and carried it around all day long.  
She has named it Draco.  The only bad thing is Secora sure wishes it was HER lizard.  We might need to try to happen across one at the store one day so she can get one too.

With all of the presents and stockings opened and new toys spread all over the living room, it was time to put the cinnamon rolls in the oven.  I make them on Christmas Eve and put them in the refrigerator.  In the morning, they just need to be baked and we have ooey gooey fresh cinnamon rolls as a Christmas morning treat.
Hope everyone out there enjoyed the day!

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