Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Awesome Awesomeness

Moving from one house to another, including getting the old house ready to sell and about 5 years of dirt cleaned out of the new house, with 3 kids underfoot, should be an Olympic sport.  The last two weeks have been so incredibly tiring, and exciting, and stressful, and did I mention tiring?

But in the midst of this, our town had their annual holiday parade.  There was no way we were missing the parade.  As Sierra told us, she'd been looking forward to it for 11 months.  So we all trekked out on a sunny, 85 degree day to sit by the side of the street and lament the fact that we forgot sunscreen.  For the Christmas parade.  Cause those two things totally go together.

Where did my baby go and who is this big kid that took her place?  We're still holding on to a belief in Santa, but I think we've crossed into the realm of cognitive dissonance.  She has laid out all the reasons Santa can't be real before, but never mentions them anymore.
I happened to catch Sedona mid-sneeze.  Sierra's making her "uh huh, I knew all the instruments that were in that marching band before I could see them" face.
I'm not sure if she's shielding her eyes from the sun or trying to make her own binoculars
I'm also not sure what happened to the tuba in the middle, but I'd kinda like to hear the story
Cat In The Hat has always been a favorite in the parade.  He used to ride a recumbent bicycle and weave back and forth as he went down the parade route.   Unfortunately, he had a stroke back in 2011, but he still comes out on a car to wave at the kids
It took her a little while to warm up, but Secora enjoyed the parade too.  Hard to tell here, but she's using her right hand to keep the beat along with the band that's marching past.
Then she found out candy was part of this parade business.  Sierra ended up getting an MP3 player from one of the floats (which she was absolutely THRILLED with.  She said it's already been the best Christmas ever), but Secora just held on to as much candy as her little fists would hold.
Looking for the next float
And waving to the people riding past
The HEB floats are one of our favorites.  There was this hand held basket
And also a full size shopping cart
Secora dancing along with the music on one of the elementary school floats
Santa has been spotted!
This was my favorite picture of the day.  When we first got there, Sedona asked why I was sitting backwards and not watching the parade.  Because it's much more fun to watch a kid watch a parade.  This face is what parades are all about.

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