Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 In Review

Time to do a 2012 wrap-up!

In January, I wrote about reasons you shouldn't homeschool, and how much it costs to homeschool.

Sierra had her first big part in a play in February.

In March, I completed a half-marathon with a friend, and wrote about why teaching kids to read too early can be a problem.

Sedona lost her nails in April as a result of having had hand, foot and mouth disease in February.  I never would've expected this to be a popular post, but it turns out a LOT of people google to find out information about losing nails after HFMD.  The big girls also gave their first team sport a try, t-ball for Sedona and softball for Sierra.  Last, but not least, I started learning how to handle the anxiety I was having.

In May, Sierra won a couple of "ovies" at her theater's annual Ovation Awards. We watched the implosion of a local building.  We also watched a whole swarm of butterflies in our backyard.

Our June days were filled with canning blueberry jam, and carrot cake jam, and carrots, and pepper relish jam, and pickles, and probably more stuff I'm forgetting.

July brought more canning, Sedona's fifth birthday and a round of walking pneumonia for the whole family.

We went on a vacation to Great Wolf Lodge in August.

In September, I finally figured out a lesson planning/organization system that made our homeschool days run smoothly, so I shared a step-by-step explanation of how I do it.

Sierra turned eight in October.  I also got out the ol' soapbox about never saying the r-word, and eating a big piece of humble pie before saying never.

Secora turned two in November, and we moved to a new house, but we had to say goodbye to our dog, Angel, after 14 years.

In December, I explained how the Duchess of Cambridge did NOT have morning sickness and Sierra DID have migraines in her stomach.  We finished off the year with old and new friends, enjoying another gingerbread house party.

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