Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We're Moving...Again

That's right, we're moving.  Because we've lost our ever lovin' minds.  We weren't really looking for a house, but a few times a year we randomly pull up the latest listings and see what's out there.  Or we notice a for sale sign and go home to look up the property.  Just over 2 weeks ago, I happened across a new listing for a house 2 miles away from our current house.  This was a very dated house that was an estate and being sold as-is.  Because of that, it had been marked WAY down (tens of thousands of dollars down). 

That was a Saturday.  Sunday, we called our fabulous realtor.  Monday morning we were walking through the house.  That afternoon, we looked over the seller's disclosure and talked to our loan guy.  Tuesday we hammered out details with our realtor and made an informal verbal agreement with the sellers.  Wednesday we signed the official contract and sent it to the sellers.  Then we waited quite a bit because there are two siblings involved and one lives out of state, so there's a lot of back and forth that has to happen on their end.  We had some minor details to work out over the weekend.  Last Monday (one week after our initial walk through), we went through the house with our inspector and found out it was in great shape.  We anticipated problems and there were virtually none.  More small details, a few quick repairs and we're moving into the house.  Today (well, we started last night).  Just 2 weeks after we found out it exists.

We are taking a bit of a risk.  We're renting the new house before closing so that we can show the old house without us (and our 3 havoc wreaking, mess creating kids) in it.  If we don't sell within 3 months, our contract on the new house will expire and we'll have to move right back.  Our realtor does not suspect trouble selling though and she's never done us wrong before.  Last time she sold for us, she had a buyer within two weeks.  She's already got someone looking at this house today.  A good realtor makes all the difference.  A sign in the yard does not (usually) sell a house.  Also, if it all falls through, we'll be losing out on the money equivalent of a nice vacation, nothing we can't afford to give up.  So the bigger risk is just the hassle of moving everything back and forth.  

One of the biggest changes is we will no longer have a huge backyard.  No more gardening to the extent we've done it in the past.  Honestly though, our fall garden has been horribly neglected because we just haven't been interested in it lately.  We're okay with giving it up for now.  No more chickens either.  We're hoarding the last few dozen eggs and sold the chickens, their coop and all their supplies to a friend who was planning to get her own flock in the spring. 

In return for giving up the giant yard, we're going to be gaining nearly twice as much square footage in the house.  I've gone back and forth debating with myself about whether we need a bigger house or not.  I've come to the conclusion that we don''s not a need.  But it IS a want.  As the girls are getting older, we are having some personality clashes that could really benefit from some space.  With our current 1800 sq. ft. (and no attic for storage, so every last bit that we own is in here with us), none of us ever have space to be alone and decompress.  That combined with homeschooling has just been too much family togetherness lately. This house is bigger than I what I would have looked for, but most smaller houses would cost a lot more and this was in our price range. 

So we're having a super busy Thanksgiving week!  We're in a mad rush to move out all the non-essentials and get our old house as sparkling clean as possible before this afternoon.  After that we'll have a little more breathing room.  I'm not sure yet when we'll really start sleeping at the new place.  Pictures will be forthcoming, just as soon as there's more time!

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