Monday, November 12, 2012

Two Years Old

Secora has gotten a head start on the 2s, but today she officially turns two.

Newborn Secora enjoying her first "tub" bath
First birthday, not so sure about all the people and the singing

She is a petite little girl, who just got into her 18 month clothes and is about 10th percentile for height and weight, but after a lot of work, she is finally maintaining her growth curve.  Over the last year it's become obvious that her sensory issues go beyond food and we've learned to do things a little differently with her than we did with the other girls.  She has done so much work and made so much progress on eating.  At her first birthday, she had an extremely limited list of foods she was willing to put her in mouth (maybe 5 things?).  Today she will get a happy meal from McDonald's as a birthday treat and likely eat the entire thing.  Her choices are limited and must be presented in a certain way, but she actually eats enough now that she just looks like a picky toddler to those who don't know her.

She speaks a LOT more than either of her sisters did at this age.  She has more words than I can even count.  She doesn't put them together in phrases/sentences yet, but she communicates very effectively by using words and hand motions.

She loves the swings when we visit the park and bouncing on the trampoline at home.  Two of her favorite activities are drawing and playing with playdoh. She's also developed an affinity for climbing and that "I can do it myself!" attitude.

She takes quite a while to warm up if she doesn't know you well, but she's hilarious once she gets going.

We knew she wouldn't enjoy a lot of people being around for a birthday party, so we did a very low key celebration at my parent's house yesterday.  Of course, all the good pictures of her are terrible pictures of me, so we'll just agree to focus on her, right?
Super excited to get a pack of markers.  She's shrieking, "DRAW!!!"
New tennis shoes, that just so happen to match big sister's because momma forgot sister already had those shoes
Singing Happy Birthday
Cookies are awesome!  Cookie Cakes are even better!
Seriously guys, this is awesome stuff, have you tried it?

Happy Birthday sweet girl!  I'm looking forward to the next year.  Let's stretch it out and put off turning 3 and 4, shall we? 

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