Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Halloween

I was feeling a bit panicky about being around so many people last night, so I didn't get a lot of Halloween pictures this year, but the girls sure had fun!

Last weekend, their girl scout troop had a little halloween party.  Sierra's costume is based on Mavis from Hotel Transylvania.  Sedona wanted to be the same skeleton she was last year.  Secora just wanted to stay out of the way.
After a few crafts, they got to decorate cookies one of the moms had brought.  The idea was to use orange frosting and candy to make jack o'lantern cookies

Of course, Sedona, being Sedona, decided guidelines were for wimps and went with her own idea of seeing just how much frosting and candy one cookie can hold.  She'd add some frosting, and then some candy, and then more frosting.  It was more of a sugar lasagna than a pumpkin.
And of course, Sierra, being Sierra, decided rules are made to be followed and made a very proper and symmetrical face.  Secora, being Secora, sat with Josh and ate candy corn while avoiding interacting with anyone else.

Random cute picture because it happened earlier in the week.  We had the cold front come through before it went on to contribute to the havoc Sandy wreaked on the east coast.  Secora wanted to go out front to play, so she got herself all bundled up (with a little help from her sisters).  Believe it or not, she wanted to keep all this on most of the morning.   Reminded me of ET being dressed as a ghost to trick-or-treat, for some reason.

Halloween night!  This was the first house Secora trick-or-treated.  She really seemed to enjoy watching all the other kids in their costumes, but she wasn't so sure about walking up to strangers and asking for candy (can you blame her?)
The only good picture I got of everyone.  Sierra and Sedona gleefully ran from house to house most of the time.  You'll notice Sedona is no longer a skeleton.  10 minutes before we left the house, she changed her mind. 
Sierra with her candy haul.  I never managed to catch Sedona with hers.  Secora did warm up and went to a few houses.  By the end of the night, she was saying, "FUN!"  We had gone out with some friends first, then we came back so Secora could go to bed and Josh took the big girls out for a little while longer.  When I put Secora in her crib, she pointed at the door and said, "go! fun!".  Unfortunately for her, she was rubbing her eyes and so tired she was swaying when she tried to stand up, so she stayed in bed. 

They had a lot of fun.  This morning they sorted through their candy and turned over quite a bit to Josh and I because they wanted to share.  Well, all except Secora.  She's trying to get me to let her have her whole bucket of candy in one sitting.  I told her no, and she very sweetly said, "pweeeeese?"

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