Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Twos Are Upon Us

Two year olds are a practice in patience.  As they say, this ain't my first rodeo, I'm well aware it's the threes and fours that are really trying.  But no parenting challenge tests your patience quite like a toddler's first forays into independence. 

Earlier this week, Secora figured out how to get over the baby gate that has kept her away from the bedrooms and bathrooms for the last year.  We spent the rest of the day disagreeing over which side of the gate she should stay on.

Another day, she bit one sister and drew blood, then pulled a handful of hair out on the other sister.  When I firmly told her "no!" and put her in time-out, the other girls turned on me. "Momma! It's mean to yell at a baby!"

One morning as I tried to dress her, she yelled, "shirt!", took her onesie away from me and tried to put it on herself.  To say the least, it wasn't going well.  I told her, "you need help with that."  She summoned all her two-ness, looked me in the eye, held up one finger and said, "NO.  BACK."

You read that right.  My 23 month old stared me down, wagged her finger at me and told me to back up off her business.

One day she took off her diaper, threw it in the trash can and brought me a changing pad and container of wipes and said, "change!"

She's pushed a dining room chair into the kitchen and used it to get into anything and everything on the counters or in the drawers or sink so often that I'm considering using a bungee cord to tie all the chairs to the table.

She pulled the A/C intake vent out of the wall.  She didn't open the cover or remove the filter, pulled the entire thing out of the wall. 

In the midst of all of this, she is sleeping less.  Just when I could really use a 2 hour break from redirecting and saying "no, no" and cleaning up the latest thing she's gotten into, she's decided 30-45 minutes is quite enough of a rest, thank you very much. 

I haven't always been patient this week, but I sure have gotten a lot of practice.  But even with hours and hours of frustration, 10 seconds can make the whole week worth it:


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