Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Pancakes

I've made some not so stellar parenting choices this week, so one night, I decided it was time to balance out my "not so awesome" with some "super awesome" and make the girls Halloween pancakes for dinner.  It's incredibly easy to do, but the kids were amazed.  The easiest technique is to use a cheap condiment squeeze bottle like you'd see at a hotdog stand (I bought mine for a $1 at the grocery store), but you could also manage with an old ketchup or mustard bottle you've washed out.  You draw the darker design on the griddle first and let it cook for a little bit before you fill in around it.   The only slightly tricky part is that all words need to be in mirror image.....written right to left with all the letters backward. 

The girls had great fun deciding whether to eat a pumpkin, spiderweb, bat or ghost next!

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