Monday, October 1, 2012

Grandpa Time

We've had a busy week around here!  Josh's dad came to visit.  Grandpa is a big kid at heart and one of those rare adults who doesn't just watch from the sidelines, he really plays along.  So, of course the girls had a blast.  We had to go through a little "grandparent detox" when he left, but it was because they were so exhausted from having so much fun. 

Grandpa started off on the right foot by demonstrating his balloon animal making skills.  I can't stand balloons, so they pretty much only get them on their birthdays, this was a huge treat.
Later, he helped add some very necessary structural reinforcements to their playhouse.  He even let them help where they could.
Meanwhile, Secora and I (and later, the big girls too) lounged on the trampoline....."Hey mom, whatcha doin'?  Can I see inside the camera?"
I love Sedona's hair
As much as she wants to be big and grown-up, it doesn't take much to get to Sierra's carefree, little kid side
On another day, we went to the park for a picnic:
Turns out when you just hold the shutter release while a child swings, you can catch some pretty funny faces

Secora stayed closer to the ground, but she's recently discovered she likes the swings like Sierra
Of course we had to spend some time on the slides
And Grandpa had to video record a kid's eye view of the playground
Happy baby!
Extremely happy baby!
Pretty girl, growing up
Still a happy baby
Sierra and Grandpa played volleyball for a little bit.  I tried to join in, but the sand was burning my feet!
Everyone was hot, so we headed over to the splash pad.  Of course, the biggest kid couldn't let the little kids have all the fun

Best of all, everyone had so much fun, Secora decided she just might oughta try it out.  I've never been able to get her to play at the splash pad, so this was a neat turn of events

On the last day, we hung out near the house

Grandpa stayed to watch Sierra's improv class at the theater, then he had to leave to head back home.

There was also plenty of fun where I just didn't have the camera out.  Trips for ice cream, bowling and arcade games, shopping, breakfast at IHOP without parents around to say no to anything, and plenty of other things I'm probably forgetting.   And all of this in only 4 days! 

The day after his dad left, Josh had to go out of town for work, so my mom came to stay with us for the night while he was gone.  We tried to get back to our school routine, but plenty of things got put off.  The great thing about homeschooling is we had time to do all of these great things and this week we're just picking up again where we left off (complete with rare blog posts...I'm trying to pick up the pace a bit!).

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