Sunday, October 21, 2012

"First" Camp Out

I keep meaning to post about the girls joining Girl Scouts and I just haven't gotten around to it.  A friend started the troop for several kindergarten-aged girls we know.  The moms all know each other, but the girls are just starting to become friends.  I agreed to be the assistant troop leader and am learning a lot about Girl Scouts and how things are run in our area and I'm liking it a lot more than I thought I would. 

Once I knew Sedona was going to be in a troop, I tried to find a troop for Sierra that would be a good fit for her.  She has participated in some Girl Scout camps/activities as a "Juliette" (a "troop" with just one girl), but I really wanted her with a group.  We just weren't able to find her a troop I was happy with though, so we tacked her on to the Daisy troop.  It takes a little more work to find ways the Daisy activities can help her earn badges, but it's a lot easier on me to just have one troop to work with and she still gets to meet other Brownies at bigger events. 

So!  Last Friday we had our first camp out.  My girls have had a fair bit of experience tent camping
(baby Sierra on her first camping trip)

This was a first for most of the troop though, so we started with a backyard camp out.  To say the least, they had a lot of fun.

The troop leader's oldest daughter (who is a Cadette) came along to help out, teach songs and play games.  That's her playing chase with everyone when we first arrived.
Sierra helped with teaching the songs that she knew
Once it got dark, one of the moms gave each girl a giant glow stick and we got a fire going:
More songs around the campfire:
I've learned a lot of new things since I started helping out with the troop.  Including that Daisies are not allowed to roast marshmallows.  Apparently it has been decided a group of hyper 5 year olds with flaming sticks isn't such a great idea.  I imagine there have been actual injuries to back this up.  In lieu of regular s'mores, we did mexican s'mores.  Tortillas with mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows.  They're rolled up, wrapped in foil, and put over the fire.  We'll stick to roasting marshmallows on family trips, but I have to admit this was a fabulous way to do it with a whole group of kindergartners.
This is Sierra a split second before she fusses at me to turn off the flash on my camera (Sedona's in the blue shirt in the background, it was too dark to see and I thought I had her in the frame too)
Remove a group of kids from all electronics and clocks, let them run around like crazy, sing songs at the top of their lungs, and tell stories around a campfire and they decide it's time for bed around 9 o'clock.  Secora and I headed home and Josh stayed overnight with the girls. 

In the morning, they woke up ready for more singing.  This time they got the two dads who were there to play along:

Pancakes and bacon were on the menu for breakfast, then it was time to pack up and head home.  My girls had a blast, they are already asking when we can do a two night camp out!

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