Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Eight Years Old

A certain young lady is turning 8 years old today!  You know what that means, time for a trip down memory lane!
Itty bitty newborn Sierra, back when we thought we knew what sleep deprivation was.
All babies like to be swaddled?  False!  We quickly learned swaddling was most definitely NOT what helped her sleep.  Space helped her sleep.
9 month old Sierra with her 99 year old great-great grandma. 
Trick-or-treating is hard work when you're 2, if you're not careful, a quick snuggle will turn into bedtime.
By 2007, Sierra was 3 years old, a new big sister and a flower girl in a friend's wedding.
2008.  First library card.  Clearly an exciting day.
Nearly 5 years old and having a blast on an extended road trip, including this stop at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.
At 6, she welcomed another baby sister to the world.  She chose to attend the delivery and held Secora's hand through her newborn exam, then helped dress her for the first time.
Enjoying Disney World last year.
Just a couple weeks ago, lounging in the sun. 

Sierra is growing up way too fast.  She reads full length chapter books on her own.  Like 400 and 500 page books.  She's starting to speak Spanish to me occasionally.  She can add and subtract any positive numbers, she knows her multiplication facts (though they're still a little slow to come at times), and has a natural grasp of fractions.  She's made great strides on music theory recently.  She knows the major scales and how they relate to each other in the circle of fifths.  She can name enharmonic equivalents and she's getting better about remembering the stem rules when she writes notes on a staff.  She's really starting to take responsibility for her own education.  She does a fair amount of her work on her own, even choosing to work ahead at times.  Every week when we go to the library, she's looking through the non-fiction section for information about some topic she's decided she wants to know more about.  She is excelling at theater.  She loves the people and the stage, and they love her!  She's gaining more self awareness.  She still has her moments (just like all of us!) but there have been more instances lately where she gets cranky and she's able to recognize it and see if her two big triggers (illness and tiredness) are at fault.   she's getting a little more adventurous with eating.  She's still a big meat eater: brisket, chicken, pork chops.  Any hunk of meat is sure to get eaten (right after she names what animal and what part of the animal it came from).  She's trying new things a little more willingly now though.  Yesterday she even enjoyed a brussel sprout!

She got to enjoy a 24 hour party with her oldest friend, Holly, last weekend.  Having known each other through infancy, toddler hood, preschool and now the early elementary years, there have been times where the little kid fits shone through and we kind of cringed and worried they weren't going to stay friends.  This weekend laid those doubts to rest though.  They got along SO well and both of them were SO well behaved.  It was really good to see.  They enjoyed cupcakes, crafts, nail painting, a trip to the movies, pizza, waffles, more crafts, running around outside, and a "sleep" over.  They had an absolute blast.  Today is Sierra's day to pick what we eat for every meal, get her way most of the time and visit with the grandparents.  I'm going to try to make her some strawberry soup, her favorite food from our trip to Disney World last year.  I found a recipe online and am crossing my fingers that it works out. 

Happy happy birthday to my sweet little girl that isn't so little any more. 

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Marti Kubena said...

Happy Birthday to Sierra!!! Hard to believe our first babies are this old already.


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