Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Still Here!

Hello from the homeschool abyss!  Turns out this homeschooling more than one kid gig is pretty time intensive.  I'm still happy with my set-up and I think we're as organized and "put together" as we can be, but we're dealing with a few growing pains.  Sedona is a little disappointed to learn kindergarten does not consist solely of painting and pasting all day long.  Sierra is having to take on more responsibility for herself this year and struggling a bit with that.  The school work is not a problem, but the idea that I expect her to have her independent work done before her daddy gets home is a big problem.  She has not yet learned that if she chooses to play all morning, she is going to have to work for 4 hours straight in the afternoon.  We're slowly, but steadily, coming around to the idea that starting early and taking frequent breaks is much more enjoyable. 

Since they are so far apart academically, I need to work with each of them separately.  That means I spend a lot of the day bouncing back and forth between the two of them, while retrieving Secora from the latest mess she's created.  I've been cleaning quite a bit of crayon off walls and tables lately. 

I'm able to catch snippets of time here and there, 5 or 10 minutes to pay a bill, run through emails, update the budget book or do the dishes.  There's just not time to sit down and do chunks of work until the evening though.  By then it's time to get out the next day's schoolwork, work on girl scout stuff (more on that later, I'm enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would), and just take some time to rest my brain. 

I do have several blog posts started that I hope to get up soon, hopefully I have time this weekend.  I plan to share the kindergarten science lesson plans I'm working on, tell all about the brisket Josh smoked for labor day, update about our fall garden planting, and I also want to write up a full financial rundown of how much chickens cost (and earn). 

So bear with me!  I'm hoping there's more wiggle room in the day as we settle into our school year!

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Rachel said...

I can relate! This week has been CRAZY and I feel like I am just barely able to keep up. I had to stay up late last night just to catch up on folding laundry. Annalise only does a little school at this point, so I don't even have that part to contend with. I really think the mobile toddler makes everything more interesting than it was last year. I sure hope everything settles in soon because I am not sure if I can keep up at this pace! And I haven't even cooked a real dinner all week!


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