Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Still Summer Sickies...

The pharmacist at Target knows me now.  As soon as I walk up, she grabs our medicine and heads to the counter.  That's usually not a good thing.

In the last week, we've been to the doctor five times and filled eight prescriptions.  So, you know, it's been lots of fun around here. 

We are making progress though.  Poor Secora had her repeat bout with hand foot and mouth a week before all this started.  Just about the time she kicked that, I got sick.  Next it was Sedona, Sierra, Secora and then Josh.  Sedona kicked butt and took names.  I picture her little immune system looking like '20s gangsters and saying, "Antibiotics?  We don't need no stinkin' antibiotics."  Everyone else needed a round of zithromax to help out. 

Then Secora got better and got worse again.  She had to add on some amoxicillin, but seems to be on the mend aside from some tummy upset as a side effect from the meds. 

And poor ol' mom.  I was the first to get sick and apparently the very last to get well.  I STILL have fever.  It's been almost 2 weeks now.  I did improve the first few days on the zithromax, but then everything came back.  I thought maybe I caught a cold on top of everything else and just had to wait it out, but I went back to the doctor today anyway.  She said it was highly unlikely I had something different and wasn't too happy that my fever was back, so she put me on omnicef.  So far it's not working, but I'm hoping it kicks in soon. 

Really the worst of it is everyone being cooped up at home with a tired and cranky mom.  The zithromax made Sierra really sensitive to the heat (she's getting a crazy heat rash on her neck within minutes of going outside) and we've had 100+ temps for a while, so the big girls can't even go play in the yard.  Everyone is looking forward to getting back to more normal days, hopefully that comes along really soon!

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