Thursday, August 9, 2012

Routine, Here We Come!

I can't remember the last time I went a full week without blogging!  After my last post, I got much more sick.  It was miserable and I was just about convinced I needed some IV antibiotics or something.  My fever returned and my cough got significantly worse.  By Friday, I had taken 5 doses of the new antibiotic and called the doc to see if I should come back (since a weekend was coming up).  They said it give it more time.

Saturday was the first time in weeks I woke up feeling pretty good.  That was convenient because we had a vacation planned starting Sunday afternoon.  We were considering cancelling it as late as Saturday afternoon, but with everyone doing well and my fever apparently gone for good, we decided to pack an extra large "just in case" medicine box and stick with our plans. 

I'll write more about the vacation soon, probably tomorrow.  We enjoyed it aside from our run in with lice.  That's just want you want at 10pm on the first night of vacation, right?  To look at your child's head and realize she's covered in lice?  We made a mad dash to the drug store and then stayed up until 1am that night combing bugs and nits out of her hair.  That's okay, you can shudder and gag as you read that sentence.  It's the only time I've ever had the thought of, "I soooooo wish we had boys because it would be a lot easier to just shave her head." 

You would think the late night would result in sleeping in.  Unfortunately, my children have a ridiculously accurate internal clock that wakes them up at 7am almost without fail.  So even though they were in an interior bedroom with no windows and the door closed, they still woke up at 7:20am.  Roughly 6 hours of sleep followed by a long day of water park fun is pretty tough on small children. 

We came home to chickens that are really ramping up on egg production, a garden that needs some serious work and fall prep, a dog way over due for a good grooming and de-shedding treatment and a list of prep work that needs to be done before we start school!  A regular daily routine is just around the corner and I think we'll all be glad when it's here!

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