Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Sickies

Still sick here.  Right after Secora got over her second bout of hand, foot and mouth disease, we all started getting sick with a cough/sore throat/headache thing.  We focused on fever control and rest until Thursday, when Sierra spent the entire morning on the couch sleeping. 

Sierra does not nap, certainly not voluntarily, so we took her in to the pediatrician.  Turns out she has a mycoplasma infection.  That's a bacteria that causes walking pneumonia and it's contagious.  She got some antibiotics and perked up the next day.  Friday I went to my doctor since I had been sick for a week and now knew it was a bacterial thing.  She said I was wheezy and should've kicked it by now, so she put me on antibiotics too.  Then Secora was suddenly feverish with a gunky cough Friday evening, so she went to the doctor this morning.  She may have the worst of it, she has some gunk in her lungs, wheezing and an ear infection starting.  Went to the pharmacy again to pick up yet more antibiotics and some albuterol for her. 

To the surprise of no one who knows her, Sedona has bounced back the best.  She needed some advil and breathing treatments (not unusual for her ever since she had a really tough time with the flu when she was 2), but she seems to have beat it all on her own with no anbiotics.  Josh has a very mild form of it, so we're holding out hope he doesn't really get sick.  We should be fixed up and not technically sick by the end of the weekend, but apparently the cough will likely hang around for weeks.  Fun times. 

Moral of the story: Josh and I have been doing a lot of nighttime parenting this week and I've been too tired to put together the blog posts I was planning on. 

A few random pictures I want to share while I'm here though:

We have never been successful at growing melons, but this year things seem to be going rather well.  I wanted to get the melons off the ground to keep them from sitting on wet dirt or attracting rolly pollys.  I tried just putting a paper plate under them, but that didn't work.  Then I decided to try using pantyhose as a sling and hanging it on a stake.  This seems to be working out really well.
Our watermelons still aren't doing much, but the canteloupes are producing really well!
The other things still going strong are the okra and peppers.  The okra is as tall as me in some places
We really need to do some late summer/early fall planting, but no one has the energy right now

Inside, Secora had a grand ol' time grading school papers.  We gave her a stack of old papers to color on, thinking she'd color on the back.  Nope, she found herself a red pencil and started making marks through the words on the front while jabbering about something very serious sounding.

Hopefully things are more normal around here next week!!

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