Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some Randomness

Long time no blog. We had a busy weekend running Sierra to the theater for her latest play. She had 3 shows Friday and Saturday and lock-in party Saturday night. She did a fabulous job and at one point, we'd walk in the door and someone would yell out "the star of the show's parents are here!" To say she's found a niche and is doing well is an understatement.

This week we are back to a pretty normal schedule. All of the big summer camps are over with. We're down to a few small things here and there and swim lessons now. We switched from evening to morning swim lessons and I'm so glad we did. The morning lessons are at a different pool that is meant for lap swimming and diving, so for Sierra's classes they have more space to really practice. Sierra's done really well and can now swim the full 50m length without touching the bottom (right now they're doing free style, then rolling on their back and floating when they need a break, then they keep going). Sedona's swimming on her own for short distances now too and SO proud of herself! Even better, all our favorite instructors from last year (that we thought had maybe moved on) are at the morning lessons! I don't know if they were just gone during June or maybe they only teach in the mornings, but it was nice to see them out there! The only downside is that with the rain and cloud cover we've been having, it's pretty cold for the girls at 8am. Everything else works out so well though that I think we'll stick with morning lessons if we do another session.

A little randomness. A friend sent me this yesterday and it's so great I had to share. If it doesn't make you smile, you need to loosen up. The full talk is on youtube in 10 sections if you want to go watch it, but this part is great

And even more randomness. Bread was on sale (like 55% off sale) last week, so the girls begged me to make frozen sandwiches. They're just homemade uncrustables. For some reason, they love them straight out of the freezer.

Easy to make, the only trick is to put peanut butter on both sides of the bread so the jelly doesn't soak in. I have a plastic tool I picked up for $1 at the store that cuts off the crust and squishes the edges of the bread together. Don't waste peanut butter by spreading it all the way to the edge of the bread, it'll just get cut off and the edges don't stick as well. Once they're all made up, I wrap them in saran wrap and put them in a freezer bag so we can "grab and go". Sierra thought this spread of sandwiches would last a month. HA! More like 4 days. I did make about a month's worth all together though.


Megan said...

Love the sandwich idea! Do they taste ok thawed? What does the crust-tool look like and where did you get it?

The Hills said...

They're just a regular PB&J when thawed. Actually works well for taking the park or whatever, but the girls prefer them still frozen. The cutter I have is this one, but I got it on clearance at Target. There are two pieces that fit together and when you press down, the outer ring cuts off the crust and the inner ring presses the edges together. The only slight downside is it works best with super cheap square bread (sizing-wise), sometimes a little crust is left with non-wonder bread type loaves. The crust you cut off could be used in a french toast casserole.

One Acre Homestead said...

Good idea on the french toast! I hate to waste all those crusts...this would work well!


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