Saturday, July 14, 2012

Overdue Garden Update

We've had some interesting weather around here lately!  Normally, mid-July in Central Texas is full of 100 degree days and drought.  Not this year though. For the last week we've had rain every single day and temps in the low to mid-90's.  The garden is loving it.

Here is the first watermelon:
We have several cantaloupes hanging out too.   I needed to get the melons off the ground, so I tried putting paper plates underneath them, but that's not working out so well, I need to come up with something better. 
Remember my weird bug I was finding?
I had sent pictures to our local ag extension and they were passed around a bit and finally identified by Ms. Crystal Ernst up in Canada as a Texas bow-legged bug.  (Actually, the determination was "Hemiptera Alydidae genus Hyalymenus and perhaps species tarsatus".   H. tarsatus is a Texas bow-legged bug).

Well, now I'm seeing the adults and it appears the identification was correct:

The hugelkulture bed did alright without watering, but definitely didn't hold enough water to make it through early summer dry stretches on its own.  Perhaps it will be better next year as the wood breaks down some?  With all of the rain recently, the black beans decided they'd go ahead and bloom some more:
The okra is happy and starting to put out more blooms:
This bed with all the giant plants is the okra bed.  There is another section of okra in another bed that's doing just as well.
The bell peppers are happy and producing well.  The leaffooted bugs that are still in the garden (there aren't as many since I started attacking each cluster of nymphs with fire) are trying to feed on the peppers, but they don't do nearly as much damage as they did on the tomatoes.
This little moth caught my attention because of its wings.  I noticed in the pictures it almost looks like it's smiling too.
Last, but definitely not lease, everything we harvested today.  I need to update my garden totals, I have a lot to add.  I've decided I won't be planting pickling cucumbers again.  Regular straight eight cucumbers have worked out so much better for my pickling plans.  They get longer without getting so big around if I need to wait to harvest.  The pickling cucumbers need to be picked at just the right time, or they get really fat and aren't much more than seeds.  I'd have to have a lot more plants to be able to harvest them when they need to be and have enough to make pickles.  With the straight eights, they can hang around for a few days while other cucumbers grow and I easily pick enough for a recipe of pickles once or twice a week.
As frustrating as it gets being stuck inside with the kids, it is kind of nice to have all this rain in the middle of the summer.  Normally we'd be watching everything die and planning the fall garden, but this year we're still going strong and just looking forward to adding to it!

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One Acre Homestead said...

The garden looks great! What a colorful harvest! We're mostly getting tomatoes and black-eyed peas right now. I'm contemplating planting more black-eyes and seeing what happens. I think there may be time for another round & they are so wonderful canned.


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