Monday, July 23, 2012

Our History Curriculum

I have finished creating the history curriculum I'll be using with Sierra next year.  Just like last year, I am making this available for FREE to anyone else who wants to use it.
If you have questions about any of it, feel free to email me.  If you are new around here, this plan will be used with my 7-8 year old 3rd grader who is a strong reader and enjoys hands on projects. I planned the lessons with her in mind, so it may not be appropriate for children who learn better in other ways.  Even if the plan as a whole won't work for you, there are some interesting resources worth checking out.  Everything from learning about dymkovo toys and making your own clay whistle to trying your hand at the art of ebru.

Early Modern History Level 1 FREE Lesson Plans

*All of the amazon links in the book list are affiliate links

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