Friday, July 13, 2012

HFMD Redux

Wednesday night, Secora woke up just about every 30 minutes crying and whimpering. Then a fever started. We figured she had an ear infection, so we called and made a doctor appointment for the next morning with plans to hit our pediatrician's after hours walk-in clinic if needed.

She didn't eat all morning and then when she tried to eat lunch, she started throwing up. I don't think any of my kids have ever had fever and vomiting at the same time and I was worried something more serious was going on, so we called the doc and they said they were fully booked, but bring her on in and they would find time to see her.

After an exam and a strep test, the verdict was hand, foot and mouth disease. NO! I told the doc, I know there's more than one virus that causes it, but the whole family just had it back in February. He said the CDC has reported that we currently have THREE viruses that cause it going around our area. So not only is it totally possible to have it again so soon, but it might actually hit a third time as well. Thankfully only one of those strains usually affects adults, so since Josh had it last time, maybe we can avoid the whole family getting sick.

So far it's only in her throat this time, but it takes a while for the blisters to pop up, so we'll see what happens. Because of her problems with eating (she has sensory issues that make it difficult to get food in her even when she's not in pain), the doc prescribed a steroid for her to take. It's a pretty large volume and has to be forced on her and then makes her dry heave, but once that's over, it sure seems to help her feel better. She did go back to what's normal eating for her and she's acting much happier.

We'll see if everyone can keep their fingernails this time around. Would you believe my post about Sedona losing her's last time is my most frequently visited post? I would've taken much better pictures if I'd had any clue so many people would be searching for information about their nails peeling after HFMD.

Speaking of Sedona, that poor girl's birthday is in only 1 week. It's the first year she's getting a real party where she got to help plan and pick which friends to invite, so wish us luck on getting through with this before then! I'm holding out hope this particular strain is one the big girls already had when they were babies so they can stay well and we won't have to cancel the party.

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