Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Elementary Art Lesson Plans

I was hopeful we'd all be well by the time this week started, but that was not meant to be.  Maybe I'll tell that story tomorrow.

Tonight, I'm sharing the art lesson plans I just finished putting together.  My strong points are math and science and I feel like I've really neglected art in our homeschool.  With Sedona starting kindergarten this year, I decided we needed to have specific lesson plans laid out.  I'm much more likely to get out the supplies and do the project if it's on a schedule. 

The dates are approximate, but I planned lessons twice a week from late August through mid-May.  I added in some fun crafts around holidays.  Most of the projects are geared toward kindergarten aged kids.  There are a few days where I have included a complementary, but different project for Sierra (3rd grade).  Most of the time, I will have them both do the same project though and I'm assuming Sierra will understand the theory more and have a more detailed end product.  I may add in some library books for Sierra when we talk about certain artists. 

For each lesson, there is a title for the lesson and the materials needed for that lesson.  It's art with a focus on creativity, so few of the materials are written in stone.  You can substitute where needed based on your available resources.  The directions and examples of each project are on pinterest.  I have set up a board with links to the websites where I found each project.  I can't organize the board into a specific order, but I have matched the description on my lesson plan to the description I used on pinterest, so they aren't too hard to find.

I didn't have specific objectives, but a few focuses are to: develop fine motor coordination, including cutting, gluing and writing skills; learn primary and secondary colors and where they are on the color wheel and why; and explore multiple mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and mixed media.

You can find the lesson plan for free here.

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Rachel said...

Wow! Way to go. Your girls are going to have so much fun with these!


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