Sunday, June 3, 2012


 Last weekend we took a short day trip to our favorite pick-your-own farm.   Moorhead's Blueberry Farm is in Conroe, Texas and it's definitely worth a visit if you're nearby.  The farm has 20 acres planted with over 20 varieties of blueberries.  Because the varieties ripen at different times, they're usually open anytime from late May through mid-July.  They update their website throughout the spring and summer to keep their customers updated about when the blueberries are ready and how well the plants are producing. The best part is there are no add on fees.  You pay (this season, check the website for updated information) $2/pound.  That's it.  No container fees, no entrance fees, they even encourage sampling the berries as you pick. 

There are a few things we've learned about blueberry picking.  First of all, it's HOT.  I know, big surprise for June in Texas, huh?  Hats, sunscreen and a cooler of cold drinks back at the car are must haves. 
 They have two types of bucket for you to use while picking.  There are regular buckets and there are some with a rope attached.  The kids do better with the regular bucket, but Josh and I like to use the ones with ropes.  That lets us hang the bucket around our neck or off our shoulder and pick with both hands. 
Sierra has picked several times before, but this was the first time Sedona was old enough to help with picking.  Surprisingly, Sierra faded pretty quickly.  It was sunny and there isn't any shade.  She just got hot and bored in the first 15 minutes. 
Sedona had a blast and could have kept picking for hours, I think.  She also acted better than I think she ever has before.  I must have told her twenty times how impressed I was with her behavior because she just did an awesome job of helping pick and staying close to us without either of us ever having to get onto her.
Secora sat in the stroller with the water bottles and yelled out "boooobewy!  boooobewy!"  until one of her sisters fed her more berries.   She ended up getting over heated and we had to leave to get her in the car with some air conditioning on her, so we didn't get quite as many berries as I was hoping for.
When we got back to the front to check out, we had 10.5 pounds of blueberries.  Just for reference, that was just about 2 full buckets.  I could have found uses for a lot more berries, but 10 pounds will last quite a while and you can be sure there will be plenty of blueberry recipes showing up under the cooking tab soon! 

I was trying to figure out how long we've been going out to Moorhead's.  I know for sure we went when I was 8 months pregnant in 2007 (the heat combined with being huge made a lasting impression).  I know we had been at least once before that though.  I looked through old pictures and found these from our 2009 trip.

Here's me, Sedona and my mom picking.  Sedona loved being in the pack, she kept reaching over my shoulder to pick her own snack!  
 We took my grandmother that year too.  She had alzheimer's and my mom was taking care of her, so she came along on a lot of our "field trips" around that time.  She couldn't get around too terribly well though, so we brought a chair for her and she sat in a shady spot with a bottle of water.  I'm pretty sure the hat she's wearing in that picture is one of mine that I also just happened to bring out this year to wear.
That year everyone was handling the heat okay and we had a chance to sit down at the picnic tables for some snacks when we were done.  I've always loved this picture of the girls!

It's a great place to make some memories and get some tasty berries for a great price! Stop in if you're in the area at the beginning of summer.

Disclosure: I was not asked to write this post or compensated for our visit.  Moorhead's is just a place we've enjoyed for many years that I wanted to share about!

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