Saturday, June 2, 2012

39 Uses for Zucchini

Harvest time is upon us down here in Texas and as any home gardener knows, the crop most likely to overtake the garden, and the kitchen, is zucchini!  I absolutely LOVE the song "Talkin' Harvest Time Blues" that was sung by Stephanie Davis on A Prairie Home Companion years ago, and one of my favorite lines in the whole song was "You have to take zucchini--we're related!" 

Aside from forcing it on your friends and family, what CAN you do with all that zucchini?  I set out to make you a list of 101 things you can with zucchini.  Aside from giving you 20 slight variations on the same recipe, I just couldn't come up with that many.  Instead, I have 39 ideas, and they're all different from each other.  I think it's safe to say there will be something on this list you haven't thought of before.  Personally, the zucchini-tini is what caught my attention!  

1. Bread and butter pickled zucchini
2. Dry it to save for use in soups this winter
3. Freeze it
4. Zucchini bread or muffins
5. Zucchini cobbler
6. Zucchini brownies
7. Stuffed zucchini
8. Vegetable tian
9. Zucchini chips
10. Cheese stuffed zucchini rolls
11. Zucchini ribbon salad
12. Zucchini gratin
13. Fried zucchini
14. Put zucchini in a frittata
15. Zucchini-corn fritters
16. Add zucchini to a good couscous recipe
17. Zucchini, black bean and rice skillet
18. Add zucchini to lentil soup
19. Minestrone soup
20. Pasta with zucchini
21. Zucchini salad
22. Braised zucchini
23. Ratatouille
24. Zucchini as pizza crust
25. Roasted zucchini
26. Grilled zucchini
27. Zucchini relish
28. Lemon rosemary sauteed zucchini
29. Lasagna
30. Zucchini latkes
31. Let one grow extra large and carve it
32. Zucchini-Lemon sorbet
33. Zucchini ice cream
34. Zucchini pizza
35. Make a zucchini-tini (yes, people, hide your veggies in alcohol!)
36. Zucchini smoothie (I'd probably use yogurt instead of water though)
37. Use zucchini "rice" to make sushi
38. Use zucchini instead of chick peas to make "hummus"
39. Vegan "bacon"

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Rachel said...

If you need any others, these are my two current favorites:
Zucchinin breakfast scramble:

Spring Veggie "Pasta":


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