Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring Rainbows

We're still going through Sedona's pre-k spring unit a little at a time.  Today she colored this worksheet I made:

(you can download a copy here if you want one)

Then we made up a rainbow drink I saw on pinterest.  The pin just linked to a picture on a website with no directions, so I was flying blind a little bit.  I bought cherry, orange, lemonade, lime, blue raspberry and grape kool-aid packets.  The idea is to make ice cubes from each flavor, put them in a glass in order, then pour sprite over the top.  To help my colors stay separate, I wanted each kool-aid flavor to be a different density, so each flavor got a different amount of sugar:
Grape: 1 1/4c sugar
Blue Raspberry: 1 1/8c sugar
Lime: 1c sugar
Lemonade: 7/8c sugar
Orange: 3/4c sugar
Cherry: 5/8c sugar

I also added a little yellow food coloring to the lemonade, but I went overboard and it's a little too close to the orange color.  Oh well, ya win some, ya lose some!! 

We layered the ice cubes in a glass with purple on bottom:
 Then we poured sprite over the top.  I would suggest pouring the sprite down the side of the glass so the colors don't "run down" and mix up as much.  Really though, it's super cool and exciting to a 4 year old no matter what it looks like at the end. 
The girls figured out they could move their straws to different parts of the drink and get the different flavors and I think they're looking forward to making up their own sprite flavors with the leftover ice cubes. 

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