Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just Another Thursday

We have old school desks that the girls can use for...well, whatever they want, really.  Secora has learned how to crawl up in the seats, but can't always manage to get down.  While I was making my breakfast this morning, I heard her doing that baby "I don't know what word I'm supposed to say or how to say it, so I'm gonna moan and whine and hope your 7 years of mothering experience have made you psychic" thing.  I came around the corner to find her half on and half off the seat, wedged between the desk and the back of the chair.  I said, "are you stuck?" and you could see the light bulb go off as she yelled, "STUCK! STUCK!"  Only, she's a baby, so of course it wasn't really that clear.  She ended up sounding exactly like the kid from A Christmas Story when he gets his tongue stuck to the flag pole.  That made me laugh.

And laughing is good, because after 18 solid months of waking up multiple times every night (oh, proprioceptive I wish I still had no clue what you are), Secora FINALLY slept a solid TEN HOUR stretch for three nights in a row!  Until last night, where she made up for it all at once.  She was up pretty much from 2am on and Josh and I are both dragging.  I've been off caffeine for about 2 months and never craved it until this morning. 

Unfortunately for me, I broke my own #1 (or maybe #26, whatever) parenting rule: never tell kids about a fun activity until the last possible minute.  This rule has prevented many tears in the past when plans have unexpectedly fallen through.  But last night, Sierra was obviously exhausted (which manifests as thinking the world is out to get her and much crying) and I knew she needed to go to bed early.  In her mind, an early bedtime means I just don't care about her at all.  Being only 16 hours away from this particular fun activity, I went ahead and told her that I wanted her to sleep so she could enjoy swimming with some of our homeschool friends in the morning.  Aside from one night at a hotel, she hasn't been able to really swim yet this year and Sedona got to go to birthday party at the pool last weekend, so swimming is at the top of her list of things she wants to do.  I had confirmed with our friends that we are still on, the weather looked good, I thought I was in the clear.  Nothing short of a city-wide calamity would get the girl to give me a pass on taking her to pool now, so we will soldier on and I will hope the water is cold enough to keep me awake.

I'm sure if we stayed home, I'd be exhausted and short on patience all day long.  At least this way, the kids will be happy and occupied.  But I won't lie, I have visions of naps in my head.  And now you know I'm so tired, I'm hallucinating.  3 kids and time for a nap?  We have definitely entered the world of fantasy with that idea. 

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