Thursday, May 31, 2012

Garden Happenings

I need about twenty synonyms for "Garden Update" to use as titles for these posts.  Unfortunately, I'm just not witty when it comes to things like that.  Especially at 4pm on a Thursday.

First up, squash patch.  We've lost one plant to vine borers, but the others are holding out pretty well.  There are smaller plants in other parts of the garden as well.
Bell pepper bed.  Notice the red pepper peaking out at the end!  These plants are producing really well, the peppers just aren't quite ripe yet.
Two beds of black eyed peas thoroughly enjoying the hot, dry weather we've been having:
Roma tomatoes are starting to turn!!  You'll notice the blight on the leaves (those yellow spots).  The blight is getting worse and worse, so I'm anxious for the tomatoes to ripen and get them off the plants while I still have the blight somewhat under control
The banana peppers are producing a little too well.  The plants are so heavy with fruit, they're being pulled over 
I am seeing a few of these nasty little buggers.  Thankfully there haven't been a lot and they're mostly sticking to the jalapenos and leaving the tomatoes alone.  I think the neem oil I've been spraying has kept them under control because usually we have a lot of trouble with these.  They are baby leaffooted bugs and they wreak havoc on tomato plants around here.  They are sucking bugs and will damage the fruit wherever they pierce it (pictures of a damaged tomato along with more information at that link)
Our chickens are growing well and happy.  One of the turkeys met its fate last weekend.  We should have waited longer, there wasn't as much meat as we expected once it was all done.  The chickens aren't producing eggs yet, it will probably take a few more weeks. 
All in all, things are looking up!  It won't really count for much until we really start harvesting, but everything is definitely looking better than it did a few weeks ago!

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