Thursday, May 10, 2012

Butterflies Everywhere!

Sedona has had a little trouble lately with sticking to “the truth and nothing but the truth”. Just yesterday she ended up spending an entire afternoon (once naptime was included) in her room because I found her lunch hidden behind the couch after she told me she'd eaten it all and wanted dessert.

She also doesn’t exactly understand large numbers just yet. So when she came in from the backyard this morning and excitedly informed us, “there’s, like, eighteen hundred butterflies on our playhouse!!!” We just blew her off.

A little while later, I went outside to check on the garden and looked over to see this on their playhouse:
There were also butterflies all over the ground and the trees.
Maybe 1800 was a bit of an overstatement, but there were at least 100 out there.  There were so many, they were landing on us. One even landed on Secora. We looked up and high in one tree, we saw a whole group of butterflies together.
I’m not sure what they’re doing up there. Laying eggs? Mating? Whatever it is, it must be pretty important, because a woodpecker came and ate some of the butterflies and pecked around at a white patch there, but as soon as it left, the butterflies came right back to where they were.

I looked through a few identification sites, and I believe these are Polygonia interrogationis butterflies. I thought they would be moths, but they have all the characteristics of these butterflies.

Also found this guy on the side of the house.
I thought his eyes were neat, but his wings are awfully pretty too. Not sure what this one is, I couldn't find it on the identification site.

At least we got a little beauty and excitement out of all those caterpillars we've been dealing with in the garden this spring!!

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