Friday, April 27, 2012


This one time, I was famous for exactly 4 hours.

Okay, it was yesterday. And it was surreal. I wrote my post about dieting and lactation on Tuesday, hit publish, and just let it sit. I was hoping a young mom with google at her disposal would come across it when it was needed and it would save her and her baby some grief and possible harm.

In some weird convergence of internet events that I can't fully explain, this exact issue kind of blew up yesterday, only one day after I posted. And my post landed on top of the google search results heap and was found by a very heavily trafficked blog. The moderator asked me if she could link to my post and I thanked her for asking and said that she could.

And then things went crazy.

This is a small blog. There aren't that many of you that read every day. Suddenly I had more hits in an hour than I sometimes get in an entire week. A WEEK y'all. Sierra had a late softball game last night, so I stayed home to put the little girls to bed and Josh took her to the game. He came home and asked what I'd been up to and all I could offer was a dumbstruck, "watching stat counter".

Then I made my husband sit down with me and look at the graph of all the hits my little post had received. I was like a 6 year old showing off a school project. Bless his heart, he not only looked, he asked to see the map view too.

4 hours after it started, it started to dwindle away again. But it was kinda fun while it lasted and I think I can rest assured at least some breastfeeding moms got the information they need. I need to check in on the revenue report for my ads, but I think I might just make minimum wage for the time I spent writing that post.


Marti Kubena said...

You rock. That's awesome! I was digging around last night to find out about that blog since I had never heard about it before. So weird. I just keep wondering why she had so much of their personal financial information out there for everyone to analyze. Not that that excuses stuff, but still. Looked at her blog too. Didn't love it. And the minute I saw her pushing readers towards not vaccinating...I was done!

Rachel said...

That is really cool! So proud of you for writing it all out. I wasted an afternoon reading some of the links you had posted on FB last week. Craziness!!!


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