Sunday, April 29, 2012

We Miss You Max

Today is Max's birthday. He would have been 4 years old. The time we had to spend with him was much too short, but oh so sweet. 

I remember so much of Max's life. I remember the day his mommy found out he was on his way. I remember feeling him kick while he was growing in her tummy. I remember planning his baby shower. I remember finding out he was breech and the phone call from his daddy letting us know he was here.

I remember how he felt to hold. His shape, his weight distribution was so different from my babies, and so similar to his sister's. I remember visiting in those early days and chatting with his mommy while they nursed.

I remember his family deciding to test him for Duchenne. I remember the day they were trying to get the results from the doctor and talking to his mommy while she swam in a sea of uncertainty and "what ifs". I remember the phone call that the results were in and they were not good. I remember sitting in a dim coffee shop soon after that day. 3 friends gathered, one sweet baby boy hugged between them.
I remember how much joy Max packed into his short life. I remember seeing our town rally around him at the annual PPMD fundraiser his family put together. I remember watching him play. I remember him shouting "lights! lights!" in complete glee when he saw Christmas lights on the last evening we got to spend with him.
I remember you, Max. And I love you.  Today we celebrate your life.  We will always remember you and keep you in our hearts.

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Cristi Roberts said...

Tears. Beautiful tribute for a beautiful boy.


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