Monday, April 2, 2012

The Rest of the Garden

I updated about the vegetable garden yesterday, but in the front yard, the fruit trees are doing well too!

The pear trees bloomed and have set fruit
And so have the peach trees
The fig has leafed out, but no fruit yet. I did find this guy hanging out on one of the leaves though
Our new key lime tree we just planted decided to go ahead and bloom
And the orange tree we also planted recently bloomed and set fruit too!
And this??
That, my friends, is an avocado bloom. Avocados are weird little plants. The flowers have both male and female parts, but they don't function together. "A" flowers open in the morning and function as females, then close in the afternoon. The next afternoon, they open again and function as males. "B" flowers open in the afternoon and function as females, then close overnight and open in the morning and function as males. I have seen several flowers on this branch open and close, but I'm not sure if we've had the overlap we need to get fruit.

I didn't take pictures, but it looks like we'll get a handful of blueberries too. The blackberry vine I planted last fall hasn't bloomed yet, but it's a little early and it might skip this year.

We're slowly but surely turning our little half-acre in the middle of town into a bit of an urban homestead!

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