Sunday, April 22, 2012

Perfect Popcorn

Josh had to be gone during dinner and bedtime tonight, so I decided girls' night needed to be movie night. We had pizza and cookies and even a little bit of kool-aid. But movie night wouldn't be complete without popcorn.

It's been years since I briefly mentioned how we make popcorn and I figured it was high time I do a little tutorial

Start out by putting 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil and about 3 popcorn kernels in a medium pot with a lid (preferably see through, but you could stay close by and just listen too) over high heat
Wait for the kernels to pop
Add 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels and REMOVE FROM HEAT.  What? That's crazy talk!  Just remove it from heat and count to 30.  You're giving all the kernels a chance to heat up to a similar temperature. 
After you've counted to 30, return the pot to high heat.  I give it a few shakes here or there.  Stay close by and remove from heat when the popping stops.  The vast majority of the time, this method results in NO unpopped kernels and NO burned kernels.
Just fluffy, popcorny goodness
I usually dump the popcorn into a bowl and then throw a little butter in the pot while it's still warm. 
When it's melted, I pour that over the popcorn and sprinkle some salt on top.   Other times, I put the popcorn in a large bowl, sprinkle some white chocolate chips in and stir or shake until the white chocolate melts and then add a little salt.  Both ways are tasty, cheap, and not entirely unhealthy!

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