Friday, April 13, 2012

Little League Days

Both of the girls are playing in the local little league this season. Sedona is in t-ball and Sierra is in "junior minor softball" (8 and unders). They have been practicing hard, three days a week usually, and yesterday was the last of the practices before games start. They generally play twice a week, so there aren't any more regular practices after this. Both of them had scrimmages last night to help them get a better idea of what to expect for their first game this weekend:

In Sedona's division, most everyone is brand new and quite little.  They don't keep score or outs, every kid takes a turn batting and running bases (they do field the ball, but they rarely get it to where it needs to be when it needs to be there) and then the teams switch sides.  They just keep that up for an hour, or until the kids mutiny, whichever comes first.

Here she is up at bat:
Making it back around to home after running the bases, complete with a congratulatory pat on the helmet from her coach
Sedona playing 2nd base.  This is very serious business, ya know
She may pick flowers or chase butterflies, but she does run for the ball when it comes near her (though I do wish she'd let me put her hair up, we're about 50/50 on that)

Sierra has always had practice at the same time, but at a different park about 2 miles away.  Her practices are longer, so there is time to go watch her when Sedona is done.  Here she is playing outfield (yes, that's outfield for 7 and 8 year olds)
Up at bat!  She's a coveted leftie
And she gets a hit!!
She made it to first base and had a grin from ear to ear.  While her teammate was up to bat, she was ready to head for second, but she kept looking back just to be sure that back foot was still solidly on base
She made it around to third and got high fives from coach (who just happens to be the man who got us our very first mortgage.  Small town!)
And coming around to home! 
She was really pumped up when she got back to the dugout. I had to leave at that point to take the little girls home for bed (Josh stayed with Sierra) and you could hear Sierra's team all the way from the parking lot (quite a ways away) cheering for their batters, "she's a home run hitter, and you're never gonna get her, so give up!!" It's safe to say they're fired up for their first real game.

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