Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Little Entomologist

Sedona used to pick up rocks wherever we went. We joked that she'd be a geologist because we were forever having to stop while she picked up a rock. Now, she has moved on to bugs. As the mother of three girls, you'd think I'd get a reprieve from this, but she's always walking around with a little container collecting bugs (they generally get set free when she's done...unless she found them in my garden, then I tell her to feed them to the chickens).

One day recently, my mom was here and Sedona asked her, "Grandma, can you hold my roly polys?" I'm pretty sure my mom expected two or three when she held out her hands, not the twenty she got.

On Sunday, I had my camera out take pictures of random things outside and Sedona insisted on pictures of her latest friend. I thought the process of how a roly poly makes it down a large step was pretty interesting to see

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